We were blown away by the beautiful photos of Lily (@lilystrongforliliana) as a flower girl, walking down the aisle in her Trexo. We are grateful to the family for sharing this moment with us. It’s something we will never forget.

Maddie is doing great!

Maddie’s Mom shared with us: I am happy to say that after being in the Tréxō device for 10 months, her hip is now where it should be and her spine has straightened out. It did what I was told it would do and couldn’t be happier!!!

Today I wanted to share a collection of amazing moments. We love it when families share their photos and videos with us, so we can see all the wonderful moments.

Mitchell's Triathalon

Mitchell Participates in a Triathalon

Marc’s son Mitchell participated in the TRi KiDS Triathlon Series in Burlington. Mitchell had a great time walking, swimming and biking. We are so proud of Mitchell.

Growth Spurt

Landon is back in his Trexo after a break because he has grown and needed a bigger trexo! Welcome back Landon! When we see our Trexo walking club members grow, it’s an honor for us to adjust the Trexo to grow right with them.

Trexo Open House

Ayla Walking Outside

At our Open House on June 28th, Ayla was able to take a walk in a Trexo. She was a natural and her parents were excited to see her walking.

Pierce's first walk outside

Pierce's First Walk Outside

Pierce enjoyed his first walk outside. The sun was shining and he was enjoying looking around at the plants and sky. A perfect summer moment. We are so glad they shared this with us!