Try the Trexo at Home

We get your child upright and walking.

Determine whether the Trexo is right for you from the convenience of your home.

Try the Trexo at home for two weeks with our refund guarantee

Ensure your child loves the device without the added stress of travel and appointments

Find the perfect routine with the help of a Trexo rep so you can get a feel of the device

Track the progress that your child makes and the changes to their mobility

Not only is the Trexo a great tool for allowing the parents to give their kids really good activity in terms of patterning and alignment, really consistent stepping pattern, but they can do that without putting a really big strain on their body.

It’s a great tool that parents can use at home to keep the kids moving, to get them upright everyday.


Parental feedback and success stories on our site are not intended for US audiences. Currently Trexo is not available in the U.S.


What is the two week Trexo Home trial?

You have 2 weeks from the date of training & set-up to try the Trexo Home. You may use this period to decide if you want to proceed with the Trexo.

If you wish to return the Trexo Home, you may return it in good working condition. You will receive a full refund for your deposit and payment. Trexo will provide you with instructions how to return the device.

When does the two week period start?

The two week period begins on the date you’re first able to use the device, the day of your training. Trexo will work with you to arrange the date and time of training ahead of time.

When can I start my trial?

There is currently a waiting list for the Trexo Home. Once you reserve your Trexo, a member of the Trexo team will contact you to obtain more information and provide you with an estimate for the delivery of your Trexo.

You may request more information about the time estimates by contacting a Trexo representative through our contact form.

How do you determine if my child is a candidate for the Trexo Home?

Once you have reserved the Trexo Home, you will receive an email with the assessment form. Here, you will fill out further information about your child, upload videos, and measurements. To complete the assessment you will need a measuring tape and access to a device with video recording capabilities.

Trexo will walk you through the set-up & training to ensure the device is set-up for your child’s needs on a live video call.

Do I have to pay for the Trexo before I trial it?

Yes, you will have to pay your deposit to reserve the Trexo Home in the waiting list. The reservation deposit is $499 USD and will be applied towards the down payment once your Trexo is prepared for delivery.

Once your Trexo Home is ready to be delivered, you will need to make the first installment payment to Trexo. The installment will include your first and last month fee, state and province applicable tax and shipping fee. Your deposit will be applied as a down payment at this time.

If you’re purchasing the Trexo in full, you will pay the full cost of the Trexo Home, state and province applicable tax and shipping fee. Your deposit will be applied towards the purchase price at this time.

Is the Rifton Dynamic Pacer included with the purchase of a Trexo Home?

The Rifton Dynamic Pacer is not included with the purchase of a Trexo Home. We use a standard off the shelf dynamic pacer and install our system on it.

You will need to obtain your dynamic pacer prior to the delivery of your Trexo Home to ensure that we can provide the fitting and training with a fully assembled system. If you need a Rifton Dynamic Pacer and cannot obtain one separately, we can assist you with the purchase in addition to the Trexo at a discounted price. Please contact [email protected] for further information.

Please connect with a Trexo Representative first, if you plan to purchase a pacer specifically for the use of the Trexo. Rifton Pacers may be sized differently for Trexo use than advised by your DME.

Trexo Home is only compatible with the Dynamic pacer and may not used with the Utility base.

Do you have pricing in Canadian dollars?

Yes! Please contact Trexo for information on Canadian pricing through the contact form.

How do I return the Trexo?

Please contact a Trexo representative for instructions on how to return your device.

Will Trexo Robotics refund me if I decide to return my Trexo Home?

If you decide not to move forward with the Trexo Home during your trial period, you may request a full refund. The refund for your payment will be applied to your original method of payment.

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