Why is a Trexo Home robotic gait training system worth the investment? Every family who uses the Trexo Home has different reasons, but several are consistent among most of our users. It might be the ability to work with their child’s schedule – no need to spend time packing up all your belongings and traveling to appointments to get gait training, only to have your child in a cranky mood. For others, the Trexo Home is a way to increase the intensity of their programs and have access to an activity at home that is easy to do. And for some, the Trexo Home is a way to achieve milestones they never dreamed would be possible. Read on for the most common reasons families are grateful to have the Trexo in the comfort of their home.

Use your Trexo at home – no travel to a clinic – easier to squeeze in and get everything else done too

One of most convenient aspects of having equipment at home is that you can decide when to use it.

With the Trexo at home, you can do gait training at a time that works for the whole family and save hours that you would spend traveling otherwise. Some Trexo Home families have shared with us that they have used the Trexo at the most unusual times, like 3am when their child could not sleep!

The ease with which to schedule Trexo sessions also gives you flexibility. Start a session to realize that something else came up? No problem, it takes less than 30 seconds to take your child out of the Trexo.

With the flexibility to have sessions at home, some families have been using the Trexo more than once a day. Violet, whose progress we shared in this update, uses the Trexo in the morning after breakfast and then again in the evening as a part of her daily routine.

Work out on your own schedule, and your mood

One this note, family life can be incredibly busy with lots to juggle. Adding your child’s mood to the equation can be difficult and pose challenges for appointments and therapy. There is nothing like packing up all your stuff, traveling an hour to therapy, and getting there only to have your little one not willing to participate.

Many families experiment with different times to use the Trexo during the day to get the time just right. For example, if your child has more tone and/or spasticity in the morning, Trexo Home gait training can help relax their muscles. They will feel better all day. If your little one is full of energy midday, let them use up some of that energy with a Trexo workout.

And evenings are perfect for a nice walk with the family, after the workday is over and siblings are back from school. Added benefit is that it will tucker your little one out so they can have a nice and restful sleep!

No people around, no risk of getting sick – just use your Trexo at or around your home

Of course, being able to use the Trexo at home isn’t just about the flexibility. It’s also about keeping children healthy!

Many of the kiddos we work with have weakened immune systems. This means they can easily catch a cold or an infection. Each time a child gets sick, there is also the risk of further complications and possibly the development of pneumonia. No one wants that!

In unprecedented times like the current COVID-19 pandemic, staying at home seems more important than ever before. Families have shared with us how they have used this time to ramp up their Trexo Home gait training and have seen amazing benefits. We shared Jacob’s story who has seen a lot of exciting changes during quarantine, including unanticipated improvements like changes in his speech!

For some serious inspiration, also check out this home gait training regimen that Griffin’s parents put together when the province of Ontario went into lockdown. The progress Griffin made is truly remarkable!

No worries about figuring out what kind of exercises to do at home

Which brings us to the common theme of not having to worry about what to do for exercise.

For example, Savvy’s mom, shared with us how she would come home from work and do manual gait training with Savvy. To do this, she got a small chair on wheels, and would sit behind Savvy while she was in a walker and move her legs one at a time. It was difficult to get a high number of repetitions and the step quality will be highly variable. Additionally, this was exhausting and not much fun for either of them!

In Savvy’s case, she is still quite small as a 5-year-old. As children get older and grow bigger, and their spasticity becomes more of a challenge, this can cause serious problems. That’s why many Trexo users are older individuals who have become too heavy to get manual gait training.

Trexo also provides functional stretching, meaning it combines strength, coordination, speed and balance into the movement. With regular weight bearing, they can build strength in the bones, joints and muscles. Increasing the speed of walking will get their blood flowing and help build endurance. Lastly the positioning will help them engage their core required for a strong trunk, good head control, and better posture. This means that while your child is walking, they are getting a full body workout!

While we do not suggest that Trexo should replace physical therapy or other exercise programs, we do think the Trexo Home can make gait training a more regular part of your child’s day to day.

Do not give up on walking

Regular walking does not only help with strength and endurance. It also does wonders for helping children become more confident, build body awareness, and experience moving through their environments on their feet.

We shared Luz’s story and how she has become more confident after she has started using the Trexo. By building her core strength, her head control improved. This lead to her new found ability to use communication devices and switch to oral feeding from a g-tube. This is tremendously important!

We learn consistently that parents are constantly told of things their child will never do. It shouldn’t be like that! Kids just need the right tools and someone to believe in them.

Don’t give up on walking, your child can do it if given the chance!

Trexo is giving us hope because as a parent you are told all of these things your child will never do. Trexo has changed that.

– Luz’s mom, Caro

The math makes sense

Trexo does what no other equipment can do. There isn’t anything quite like it so it’s difficult to compare it to other services and tools. Current walkers do not provide the same quality gait training at home.

If you think about it from a daily investment perspective, the Trexo lease for example, works out to $33/day ($999/month over 30 days). You certainly would not be able to get manual gait training by a service provider for that price. This does not include all the money you would save from not needing to travel, booking a sitter for your other kids, and taking days off work to go to therapies.

Again, we do not suggest you replace therapy with Trexo, but we do highly recommend supplementing your child’s care with regular exercise, such as that provided by the Trexo Home gait training system. It will help your child get stronger and move regularly, needed to stay healthy.

We like to think of it like working out at the gym. If we go to the gym once a month or even once a week, we will rarely see significant change. The best programs are where you can work out at least 3-4 times/week. It is the same for kids. They need to move regularly to get stronger and no equipment can help with the range of physical benefits like the Trexo can.

It’s the best! We’ve had so many different gadgets and devices… this one is no comparison!

– Violet’s mom, Jen

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