Trexo’s Story

Trexo was born out of a personal experience

Trexo’s story began in 2011 when Manmeet learned that his nephew, Praneit, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Like many children with CP, Praneit was unable to walk indepentendly.

Manmeet and his family searched for a solution that would alloq Praneit to walk and experience the important health benefits that come with movement and walking. 

Manmeet began lookimg for a solution to help his nephew and found there was nothing on the market that would allow for children to walk, in a proper gait pattern, from a device they could use at home.

Without the ability to walk – and with no device that could aid them in not only developing a proper gait pattern, but also potentially being able to bear weight and build endurance –  these children would likely experience a myriad of health challenges.

Building a solution for children

Manmeet had a deep desire to help his nephew and recruited his friend Rahul to help him. They both studied robotics at the University of Waterloo, so building a robot to help Praneit made a lot of sense! The Trexo was born and evolved over time into the product you see today.

Trexo’s special story has played a big role in our values and mission. We design everything with a child’s comfort and physical needs in mind. With each child who uses the Trexo, the device gets better.

This approach to co-creating our devices with children, parents and physiotherapists is important to us. The Trexo is an important therapeutic tool for children with disabilities. Movement impacts a child’s growth and their health for years to come.  At the end of the day, our goal is to create technologies that physical therapists trust, parents can afford and children love.

“Watching Praneit walk is one of our proudest moments in my life”

Parental feedback and success stories on our site are not intended for US audiences. Currently Trexo is not available in the U.S.

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