We are really excited about Trexo Treadmill! I am going to jump right in and get to the good stuff…

Some important benefits of having a Trexo + Treadmill:

  • Do Trexo sessions regardless of the weather outside! No more missing sessions! Consistency is important with the Trexo. The activity is good for your kiddo and you may notice they aren’t quite the same when they aren’t getting that activity in. The treadmill ensure you can get your kiddo moving anytime you want to!
  • Stable, level treadmill allows analysis and fine tuning of gait settings without having to steer and maneuver the Trexo outdoors over sidewalk cracks, obstacles, and more. This is beneficial for moms and dads, in adjusting settings. It’s also an easier walk for your child. Not bumps along the way.
  • No space to walk inside your house in Trexo? The slim treadmill can easily tuck in a corner or out of the way! You probably have a lot of equipment and paraphernilia for your child. Adding the Trexo Treadmill doesn’t have to clutter your space anymore. It can tuck away easily!
  • Children can watch TV, play games, or do activities with family and siblings while walking on treadmill. If your child needs a distraction, it is easy for them to engage in other things while they walk on the treadmill. Lots of parents like using a playlist and getting some music into their routine.
  • Work out beside your child! Set up your Peloton, Treadmill or even yoga mat, right beside the treadmill and work out side by side.
  • Fast, easy set up from walking in Trexo over-ground to walking on treadmill. Just roll the device up the ramps on the treadmill edges!

Existing Trexo users: We will be restocking for this summer, so let us know if you’d like to order! 

Trexo Treadmill and Ellie