Reimagine Your Child’s Future
One Step At A Time

Trexo Home

Get your child upright and moving,
every day right from the comfort of your home.

Trexo Robotic Brace Helps Your Child Gain Strength, Endurance and Proper Gait Patterns.

Workout at home

No need to travel for appointments and juggle schedules. Walk when your child wants to

Get a full body workout

One device to get your child to work on their strength, endurance, alignment and stretching

Fun activity together

Keep your child active and happy together with the whole family by incorporating games

Trexo can be used by children with different needs

Regardless of your child’s abilities,
they can walk with the Trexo

Trexo has been used by kids with a wide range of conditions and needs.

Some Trexo users need the Trexo to help them build more endurance so they can better use their walker. Other kids are not able to sit, roll or stand. They too can use the Trexo to walk for the first time.

We understand your child has unique needs for equipment. We can set up a Trexo just for them. Find out how the Trexo can help your child by taking our quick quiz! 

A range of features to keep your child hitting new milestones 

Custom gait for each user that can be changed over time

Your child will change as they grow and move. The Trexo is easily adjustable to accomodate the following:

  • Gait pattern
  • Speed of steps (cadence)
  • Amount of weight bearing
  • Level of support provided
  • Two modes: endurance and strength

Your customer support representative will be available throughout your Trexo journey. They will help guide you through growth spurts and keep the Trexo challenging, so that your child continues to get stronger!

Real data to celebrate the small and big wins

The Trexo Brace is tablet operated, giving you easy access to control the speed of the gait and monitor your child’s session. You can easily monitor:

  • Number of steps taken
  • Initiation (whether your child is actively participating)
  • Time spent walking
  • Speed of walking

Additionally, the tablet stores your data so you can see the progress your child has made with the Trexo.

Battery powered to use whenever, wherever

Trexo is a robotic brace that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Trexo also has a treadmill accessory to give you the flexibility to use the device in a small space.

Your child is not one-size fits all, neither is the Trexo

Step 1: Reserve

All Trexo devices are made with a specific child in mind once a family has made a reservation.

We size and accessorize the Trexo specifically based on where your child is in their journey.

Step 2: Assessment

The assessment collects the measurements of your child and confirms they’re a candidate for the Trexo.

Based on this, a Trexo is fitted so your child can use it comfortably. 

Step 3: Start walking

You will be provided with instructions and live training on how to assemble and use your Trexo.

Trexo staff will be with you each step of the way to ensure the Trexo is just right for your child. 

Still not sure if the Trexo is right for your child?

The Trexo comes with a two week full refund guarantee to give you time to try it out and decide if it is right for you.

Get the Trexo right in the comfort of your home, no travel needed.

Watch videos of the Trexo in action

Instagram – @Trexorobotics