Please note, this pricing and information is related to the Trexo Home, which is a product for one kiddo to use at home. The Trexo Plus is for clinics and has different pricing and if designed for use by multiple kiddos in a facility setting. View Trexo Plus Information here.

Trexo Home Pricing

The Trexo Home system works for kiddos, regardless of their current ability to roll, sit, stand or walk, because of the combination of hardware and software. If a child doesn’t have strong trunk or head control, or can’t weight bear, the Rifton Dynamic Pacer and accessories will take care of that. The robot legs are fitted to their height and leg length, and can accomodate length discrepancies, to ensure comfort while they walk.

If your kiddo isn’t currently able to initiate steps, or has trouble with endurance, Trexo has different modes (gait patterns) to help your kiddo. You will get a tablet with your purchase, which allows you to control the various modes that Trexo offers.

2024 Trexo Home Pricing

Purchase in Full: $44,900 S/M/L/XL

Canadian Leasing Options

S/M/L/XLPricing Option A Pricing Option B
Monthly Fee$1,450.00$980.00
Interest Rate11.61%4.59%

International Financing  (Countries other than U.S. or Canada)

Monthly Fee$749.00
Interest Rate4.99%
  • Any applicable taxes, shipping and Rifton not included in pricing.

Included in your order:

    • Robotic legs
    • Tablet to operate the Trexo
    • 3-year warranty
    • 14-day trial period with refund (minus shipping)
    • Training video call to ensure the proper fit for your child, all safety information, how to use the device and more
    • Ongoing video technical support from a Trexo certified technician
    • Regular check-ins with the customer success team to track progress & goals
    • Access to the Trexo Chat-App for support and community

* The Rifton Dynamic Pacer is not included and must be purchased separately. Please don’t purchase it until you speak with us, we do the sizing differently to accomodate for the robotic legs.

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We ask you to provide us the necessary information so we can complete an assessment. We do a very thorough review of each child to ensure the Trexo Home system is a good fit and will benefit them. We will only sell the device to you if it is safe and beneficial for your kiddo.