We keep our eye open for news, tips and resources that we think will help our community. Today we have something great for you!

Swim Lab International, located on Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, is a wonderful place for children with disabilities to get physical therapy and rehab.  The team is friendly, kind and so knowledgeable. One of the tools they use is the Trexo Plus and we love seeing all the kiddos making progress with the Trexo while they are there.

One of my favorite lines from their website is “The home of inspiration, where we push personal limits and break down barriers!” You can learn more about them by visiting their site. Be sure to check out their Instagram for videos!

Many people in our Trexo community are very familiar with Swim Lab International and we know you will love this… 

Today, we want to share some exciting news! Swim Lab is opening a new permanent location in Florida, in 2023!

They will offer therapy weeks year-round – just a little closer to home for us Canadians and Americans.

If you want more information, you can visit this link and sign up to get all of the updates and details about the Florida location as soon as they are available. Feel free to share this information with your networks – you can find a great graphic on their Instagram that you can share or just pass this link on!

We are excited for the Swim Lab International team and for all of the North American families that will get to experience therapy weeks with a location closer to home. A little tip for you to keep in mind: if you are interested, jump on it as soon as they start taking appointments – they always fill up fast and run a waiting list.

Congratulations Swim Lab!