In September, we did a Trexo Plus Giveaway and Pediaflex Therapy Center LLC won! They now have their Trexo Plus and kiddos are already using it!

Pediaflex is located in Connecticut. They offer physical therapy services to infants through to young adults. They specialize in children with neurological and developmental disabilites.

We are thrilled to have another facility offering the Trexo to their patients.  Our mission is to help children walk and enjoy the benefits that come with being upright and moving. Pediaflex will help us with that mission, as their patients use and benefit from the Trexo.

We are so happy that the team at Pediaflex are so passionate about their work and the Trexo. Follow them on Instagram to learn more about their services and see their experiences with the Trexo Plus.

A big thank you and congratulations to the community that supported Pediaflex with all of their votes during the giveaway. Seeing people participating and showing their love for the clinics is always one of our favorite parts of a giveaway.

To learn more about Pediaflex, visit them here.

We are just wrapping up our Canadian Giveaway. Stay tuned for our announcement of the winner on July 5th.

If you are interested in a Trexo Plus for your clinic, learn more here.