Big decisions come easy for some, and not so easy for others. Some will make a pro/con list. Some will talk the options out with a trusted advisor. Many will have thoughts swirling frantically in their minds as they go about their day. There is not one right way to make a decision. Although most people agree that the more information they have, the easier it is.

Deciding to get a Trexo is a big decision. Let’s see if I can help.

We’ve made it easier for parents by breaking it down into steps. It starts with the Reservation. That’s all you need to decide for now.

You don’t have to make any long term commitment. When you place your reservation, it is 100% risk free. You can get a full refund if your child isn’t a good fit or even if you just decide not to proceed You can also talk to us about the timeframe that works for you, if you decide to proceed with your Trexo. More on that in a minute. Back to the reservation….

Right now through to October 31, 2022 your reservation fee is only $100 (compared to the usual $1000)

Benefits of placing a reservation:

1. You get your spot locked in! We have a waiting list and are often booking 3-6 months ahead, so you are better to get your spot locked in sooner, rather than later.

2. Once we have your reservation in, you will be requested to complete an assessment that will help us understand if your child is a good candidate for the Trexo. We will also determine what accessories your kiddo will need and what your approximate delivery date and final cost will be. Knowing the final cost helps you better plan your finances and decide how to proceed. Also, please note that no payments are required until before the Trexo ships. Which brings me to the next point…

3. You will get full insight into the order process and timeline. If your kiddo is sick, has a surgery planned or is recovering from surgery or whatever the case may be, it’s helpful to understand the timeline so you can make a good decision. If you are fundraising, we can delay your delivery date. Just keep us in the loop so we can push your spot out if need be.

We know you want the very best for your child, so I am going to take a few minutes and explain the benefits of the Trexo, to be sure you factor that into your decision:

1. Getting your child upright and walking has countless benefits. Read more about the importance of walking here. Parents share feedback about their kiddos and say things like: GI health is better, sleep is better, confidence and independence increase and more. Note every child will have different results, based on their health, Trexo usage and more.

2. We are always innovating and looking for ways to help the kiddos more. We recently added a feature so the Trexo can be turned into a Standing Frame, eliminating the need for another piece of equipment. We also added the ability to track initiation on both legs, giving you good insight into your kiddo’s usage. It also helps you adjust things as needed on each leg. We are launching a backwards walking feature soon. Read more about that here. Most of our feature updates are pushed through the tablet we provide you , so you can easily tap into the new benefits – which increases the value of the Trexo.

3. Hands free walking is a nice benefit of Trexo. Many walking aids require the hands and that limits the kiddo’s ability to engage or play with their hands. Trexo frees their hands to play ball, lacrosse or even tennis (note not every kiddo plays these games). We keep hearing of new ways the kiddos in the Trexo community are using their Trexo. I should also mention that many kiddos use their Trexo for walks and not for games. During training, share your kiddos interests and some goals. The Customer Success team will make sure your kiddo uses their Trexo in the way that is best for them.

4. We spent some time trying to figure out the best way to sum up what the Trexo offers and we came up with Reimagine Your Child’s Future. With the Trexo parents can suddenly see their child walking, engaging with their peers, playing sports, and more. They are able to see a different future for their kids and that means everything. This year we saw a sweet girl walk down the aisle as a flower girl, in her Trexo. We watched kids walk across the stage at graduation ceremonies, a couple kids reached one million steps. One of the kiddos used his Trexo in a triathlon. Trexo opens the world and opportunities up in a way many parents never thought would be possible.

Flower girl walking down the aisle with her Trexo

5. We just recently learned that movement positively impacts vision (read more about it here). At least one kiddo has improved his vision so much since using the Trexo, that he can now use an eye gaze communication board.

6. Maintenance and repairs are covered by the warranty (as long as all safety and care guidelines are followed properly/according to our instructions/as instructed by Trexo)

7. In addition to regular maintenance and support, we also offer training and goal setting. You can work with one of Customer Success Managers and set goals for your kiddo and track milestones along the way. With all of the data that is tracked, we can see patterns, track increase in usage and more.

8. Most kids, regardless of whether they can roll, sit, stand or walk, can use the Trexo. You can set the Trexo to operate in endurance or strength mode, depending on where your child is at.

9. We sell a treadmill that is designed specifically for the Trexo. This helps when there is less space in the home for the kiddo to walk or when you live in a place with bad weather. Rather than skip a walk on days you can’t go outside, the child can get their walk in, on a treadmill.

Trexo Treadmill and Ellie

OK, so let’s say you’ve made your reservation, we’ve done the assessment and your child is a good fit. Now you decide you want to proceed with the Trexo. There are various options when it comes to finances: State waivers (for US residents), medical loans, insurance, grants, fundraising, or paying from a Trust fund or money you have saved. We can offer you advice and support, just talk to us about what you are thinking. We’ve had parents who have been very successful in fundraising. See a few examples here.

If there is any more information we can provide you or questions we can answer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Take advantage of the $100 Reservation Fee Promo. It expires October 31, 2022.