Hello, my name is Callie Robinson and I am a teacher of students with visual impairments. I graduated from the University of Utah in 2007 with my master’s degree in sensory disabilities with an emphasis in vision and deaf-blindness and have been working in the field ever since (15 years). I have worked as a classroom teacher, itinerant teacher, early interventionist, researcher and NICU baby vision screener and as you can see, I have lots of experience in a variety of positions, but my favorite is one-on-one with a child and their caregiver.

Right now I work with a team of therapists at Jill Tullman and Associates in Denver Colorado, supporting alternative communication needs for children with vision challenges such as ocular disorders and cerebral/cortical visual impairment.

It’s an exciting time for our field because we know so much and can make a difference in a child’s life who has multiple disabilities.

Recently I found out about Trexo and the great benefit it is producing for the children I serve. Wow, movement is so powerful for many reasons and this piece of equipment is impacting development for children I see in a major way. Vision drives movement and movement drives more use of vision because our eyes are built/programmed for detecting and working in motion.

When we are in motion our body and mind will pick up on other cognitive capabilities such as time and distance. The utilization of the Trexo will facilitate these factors plus others including accessibility and participation in social interactions; accessibility to information in an environment because the child can move towards something of interest; accessibility for play and exploration. The ultimate goal would be living a meaningful life with shared experiences that are accessible for the children we love. I can see that Trexo is doing just that.


Callie Robinson M.Ed.
Cerebral / Visual Impairment Specialist
[email protected]

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