Rather than guessing how to have a successful fundraiser for equipment like the Trexo, we decided to go straight to the pros. These 4 resourceful families were able to secure funding either for a one year lease or a full purchase of the Trexo through charities and fundraising on the GoFundMe platform. Read on for their advice to get started!

Jennifer & Lily

Meet Lily and her determined momma, Jennifer. Together they have successfully fundraised for a purchase of the Trexo by finding a local charity who was able to fund the device in full.

Jennifer shared that she found the charity through a family connection but she added that she is “always Googling, looking at my social media parent and family groups and talking to friends and family about what amazing things we are doing and trying to get for my Lily!”

For tips to get the funds, Jennifer suggests:

  • write a very detailed letter to the organization about what happened to your child
  • explain how your child was before the injury and after the injury
  • include photos of them from before, during and after the hospital stay

“As painful or tiresome as it is to talk about what has happened, sometimes YOU JUST HAVE TO! I believe it makes a larger impact when you “show” someone what you and your family have gone through [rather than] just telling them. They are able to have a much clearer picture of everything and how unbelievable situations can be.

Then on the other hand…. with now having the Trexo and some additional equipment/therapies, people get to see the progress and success that a person with a disability can have! People generally feel great because they were able to actively do something to help achieve this success!”

Clarisse & Lucas

Meet Lucas and his super resourceful momma, Clarisse. Together they have successfully fundraised to lease the Trexo through funding by several local organizations.

Clarisse’s tips for a successful application to a charity are:

  • write down 1 goal and be specific: What do you need & why? Why is YOUR story appealing? Why is it UNIQUE?
  • keep a short paragraph describing your family situation, what you have been through, and what you are trying to achieve (emphasize the your goal so the charity understands what you’re asking for)
  • reach out to local charities & TALK TO EVERYONE in your surroundings about what you’re looking for! You’ll be surprised the [number] of organizations you didn’t know about. And even if one doesn’t apply to you, call & you might get the name of someone else who can help you
  • call, call, call. Don’t stop until you TALK to someone on the phone & don’t stop until you get a definite NO.  Have your short paragraph ready to send by email upon request. That’s what organizations use to ask their Board of Trustees for their decision.
  • Be prepared to wait a VERY LONG time for results.

Danielle & Julian

Meet Julian and his biggest cheerleader and momma, Danielle. Together they held a successful fundraiser in their community to fund a year lease of the Trexo.

Danielle shared that her friend was a big part of their successful fundraiser. “She made it her mission to help us and set up the gofundme. Most of the donations came from family and family friends.”

Danielle’s tips for organizing a successful fundraiser are:

  • explain the diagnosis and therapies done thus far
  • show statistics of how Trexo can help the progress of children with complex motor disorders. There are case studies on the Trexo
  • add videos of the child using the Trexo if you have had a chance to try it or use videos and photos of other children in the Trexo. Main point is to show the device in action!

Kelley & Mitchell

Meet Mitchell and his unstoppable momma, Kelley. Together they held a very successful fundraiser, surpassing their goal, for the purchase of a Trexo.

Kelley tips for hosting a successful GoFundMe campaign are:

  • tell a story: A catchy title doesn’t hurt!
  • share the family bio: introduce your kiddo and share a little bit about them and their personality
  • talk about what the Trexo is and what it does. People are amazed at the technology. They may not know what a walker is but can get excited by the awesome tech
  • inform them on the ways that you hope it will improve your child’s life; exercise, learning new skills, freedom & access to the world
  • everyone can relate to a parents love: let your desire to improve your kiddos life shine through
  • donors are invested in your families success. Share updates along the way and consider posting a thank you video when you finally have the device.
  • above all: Be humble, grateful, vulnerable and real. It can be really hard to put yourself ‘out there’ but emotional truths help people feel/relate to your story. It helps potential donors want to invest in your family!

Here is their family video if you are looking for ideas on how to share your story.

Are you planning on hosting a fundraiser for your Trexo?

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In case you missed it, we started a running list of charities that provide funding for special needs equipment. Hopefully it will help you!

Help Hope Live is also a great resource to fundraise. By working with HHL, you can access:

  • personal guidance on your fundraising
  • have your own online donation page
  • set up all donations to be tax deductible
  • a HHL campaign will not impact your eligibility for asset-based assistance programs as they manage the funds raised through the campaign

You can find information on how to get started on the Help Hope Live website.

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