Trexo Phone Backgrounds / Wallpaper! Download yours today. Let us know what you think of them! You can save the wallpapers from here or visit us on social media and screenshot it from our Stories. Let us know on social media if you are using one – or if you have something else that is meaningful on your phone! Do you change your background/wallpaper often or leave the same one on there? I change mine often. Since I am on my phone so much, it’s a great opportunity for me to see positive messages or images that inspire me.

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As I was making these, I was looking for some quotes that I felt were meaningful. When I came across “The longest journey begins with a single step” from Pantanjali, I loved it.

The kiddos in the Trexo community just reached 20 million steps collectively, which is so great. Their accomplishment really illustrates what is possible after that first single step is taken.

It reminds me how special it is for us to be a small part in the journies of the kids and families in our community.

“One step a time is good walking” a Chinese proverb, also resonated with me. A single, deliberate step is good.

I have the “Just Keep Walking” background on my phone. I am working on getting more steps in myself, so it’s a great reminder when I look at my phone.

We hope you enjoy these and share them with friends and family. Let us know if you want to see more Trexo Phone backgrounds in the future!

– Jenn