Walking is important to good health. Walking is something many of us take for granted. When children can’t walk or find it difficult, parents seek a solution. We are grateful that many of them turn to us. The Trexo Home can get kids upright and walking. And once they start, nothing is going to stop them…

The kids in the Trexo community just collectively reached 20 million steps! 20 million steps is the equivalent of a walk around the world.

We are so proud of these kids. That’s a lot of walking and it couldn’t make us happier. All of their effort and determination inspire us daily. And the parents in the Trexo community – you deserve recognition too. We are grateful to be part of your kid’s journey.

Our co-founders Manmeet and Rahul’s vision and hardwork started Trexo. When Manmeet’s nephew couldn’t walk. Manmeet wanted to give him a future that included walking. So they got to work!

They were both excited to share the news of the 20 million steps with the Trexo team on a call on Monday. Everyone is excited and so proud of the kids.

“Seeing our vision come to life, as we celebrate milestones like the Trexo kids reaching 20 million steps, makes me proud of the team and what we do. As CTO, it’s exciting to see our team focus on R&D and develop new features. Our innovation continues and the kids are our inspiration” said our co-founder Rahul Udasi.

Children want to move and walk, we often hear of kids that have some issues until they get up and walking and release some energy. It’s good for their bodies and good for their minds. That’s why the 20 million steps is so important and exciting. 

This is a story about the kids – they are the stars. The Trexo is just a supporting role.

– Jenn

Walking with the Trexo outside
Trexo walking
Trexo Walking