Trexo questions and the answers you need!

We talk to a lot of families that are looking for mobility solutions for their children. We hear a lot of questions but the number one question is…

Will Trexo work for my child?

People wonder if their child is too young, too small or too tall. Often they wonder how it will work if their child can’t currently walk at all. Alternatively, the child may already be walking so the parents wonder if there is enough benefit.

We also have parents ask how and where the child can use the Trexo.

I want to share some information with you to help answer your questions.

Let me start by saying that we do an assessment on every child to ensure the Trexo will work for them. Every child is different and the Trexo can accommodate a lot. If for some reason, the Trexo won’t work for your kiddo, we let you know and refund your payment. Now, the responses to your Trexo questions.

“Is my child too young?”

We have had children as young as 16 months in a Trexo. Kiddos as young as one year can benefit from the Trexo. Leg length is the determining factor. Read more about that in the next question. 

“Is my child too small or too tall?”

Learn about what measurements we need to know and how to take those measurements. We can determine if the Trexo will work for your child and what size they need, with those measurements. The page also includes a chart that indicates what size is needed based on the measurements. 

“My child already walks, will the Trexo benefit them”

If your child has a neurological or neuromuscular condition, even if they are able to walk, the Trexo will help them build up endurance, strength and they can learn proper stepping patterns.

“My child is unable to walk, they can’t initiate steps on their own”

Trexo guides your child’s legs gently. This can be done with the Trexo raised, so they are walking on air, or with it lowered so they are walking on the ground. The Trexo comes with a tablet that parents can use to control the speed, gait, and how much assistance it provides. 

“My child has issues with weight bearing, strength or they need support for certain areas of the body”

There are accessories, like arm support, trunk support, and weight bearing assistance, that can be removed if that support is not needed. Knee and hip angles can be adjusted, to set the right gait pattern for your child. There are adjustments for contractures and tightness also. Overtime settings can be changed to allow for more stretching. The Trexo will grow with your child.

While we can’t make it work for every child and every possible situation, there is a lot we can adjust to make the Trexo a great solution for most children. If you are still unsure if it will work for your kiddo, contact us so we can chat and figure it out together.

It may also help to watch some of the kids using their Trexo and hear their stories. In many cases, parents are able to relate to these kids and better understand how it will help their child. Visit us on Instagram to see videos.

If you have more Trexo questions, contact us.