Ordering a Trexo is a big deal! In many cases, it means parents see their child take their first step – something they were told would never happen.  We hear stories from the parents all the time about the various benefits the child experiences from regular walking in their Trexo.

Trexo is giving us hope because as a parent you are told all of these things your child will never do. Trexo has changed that.”- Luz’s mother, Caro (Read Luz’s story)

Just wanted to let you know Savvy was showing off today in the gait trainer for me, taking the most incredible reciprocal steps on her own. It’s so cool, I’m seeing so much carry-over from the Trexo!” – Savvy’s Physical Therapist, Jackie

I wanted to share an overview of the process so you know what you can expect when you reserve your Trexo. 

When you click the Reservation button on our site, you are taken to a page where you can submit your information and your reservation fee. Please note, this fee is 100% refundable if you change your mind.

Once your payment is processed and we receive your order, we need to collect some information from you. We provide instructions on the measurements and information we need.

Every child is unique and to make sure that Trexo is a good fit, and aligns with your goals, we ask you to complete an assessment form, so we can learn more about your child’s medical history/diagnosis, measurements and range of motion.

Once we receive the information, we confirm that your child is a good candidate for Trexo and we let you know when you can expect to receive your Trexo. Each Trexo is custom built for the child.

When your Trexo ships, we send you the tracking information and details on the next steps. We have a Facebook group which we invite you to join so you can network with the other families. It’s a great way to support each other and share tips and information.

We also invite you to our Trexo chat app, which is the best way to communicate with us to keep us updated, ask questions or report any issues. We love hearing progress updates and are always here to answer any questions.

We provide you with instructions to assemble the Trexo. It typically takes about 90 minutes. We also provide an outline of the training, so you know what to expect. Training happens via Zoom. We start by teaching you the safety and Trexo care guidelines. We look at your Trexo and get it all ready for your kiddo. There is a little break in the training at that time. When you come back, your child will get in the Trexo for the first time. 

This is so exciting for the parents. However, some kids will be a little nervous trying a new device. That’s OK. They will get used to it and learn to love it!

With your child in the Trexo and our Customer Success team viewing how it fits and determines that everything works as expected. 

We continue to support you and we schedule check-ins to help you with goal setting for your child and go over any questions you have.

Trexo TabletThe tablet we provide with the Trexo gives you insight into your child’s activity and allows you to control the Trexo (steps, speed and modes). You can see the initiation data (when your child is engaged and initiating the movement) and you can see how many steps your child has taken. You can also control the speed via the tablet. 

You should consult with the PT or your child’s doctor to determine usage guidelines for your kiddo. Typically we see parents start with just building consistency, so they may have their child do 5-10 minutes a day in the Trexo. As your child gets used to the robot legs and starts to build stamina, you can increase their Trexo time.

Watching those steps accumulate is something every parent marvels at. It’s such a good feeling to see your child moving, gaining strength and confidence.

If there are any changes required, as your child grows or their progress advances – we can help you make the necessary adjustments.

Parents often share videos, photos and updates on the amazing progress their child is making. They report so many different benefits.

“Special needs families’ lives are a constant rollercoaster and are always changing. The one thing that doesn’t fluctuate with Luz is the Trexo. It keeps getting better and better and better.”  – Luz’s mother, Caro

“Over time, we’ve seen his strength and stamina come back, and with that, his confidence. It’s been the perfect tool for us to use in conjunction with his regular physical therapy because it’s making his therapy time much more effective. We’re now about 4 months out of surgery and nearly back to his baseline. He still has some residual tightness and some days struggles to fully bear weight on his weaker side, but his doctor and therapists have all remarked on how well and how quickly he’s recovered from this major surgery – he’s moving more and better than they thought he would by this point.” – Camie, Solly’s mom

Parents share stories about improved digestion, decrease in GI issues, more confidence, better sleep and countless other benefits. These benefits are as reported by parents based on their experience. 

Our team is here to ensure the process goes smoothly and we are always here to support and encourage you.

Reserve your Trexo now 

Friday is our 2 year anniversary! We have walked 540,000 steps and keeping up our initiation in strength mode! At school, we are carrying over the skills by walking 19 consecutive steps in our gait trainer!” – Savvy’s mom (Read Savvy’s story)

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