Trexo Plus Giveaway News:

June 2022 was an exciting month for Trexo and various pediatric rehab facilities across Canada. A very generous donor, who wishese to remain anonymous, donated a Trexo Plus for a facility in Canada. We wanted the local communities to weigh in and tell us who they thought the Trexo Plus should go to. On June 1, we launched our first ever Canada-wide Trexo Plus Giveaway.

We researched facilities and invited them to participate. Facilities could be nominated as well. The only criteria was that they be a pediatric facility, in Canada. We shared the rules and guidelines and answered questions by the clinics and then come June 1, we launched the giveaway.

The rules were simple, people in the community and the facility staff were each allowed one vote for the facility of their choice. Facilities put their marketing hats on and had some fun reaching out to their community and encouraging people to vote. The votes poured in and we updated the results weekly, so the clinics knew where they stood. We saw facilities that were behind rally their communities. It was heartwarming to see such great community support for these wonderful facilities.

After enthusiastic promotions by facilities and votes by their fans and followers, the contest drew to a close on June 30. On July 5th at 7:30 we held a virtual celebration to announce the winner, thank all participants and votes and share some info about the Trexo Home and Trexo Plus.

Our winner was… Kayla’s Children Centre, based in Thornhill, Ontario.

The Kayla’s Children Centre team had gathered in a cafe to watch the announcement. They were thrilled to hear they had won! It was an incredibly moving moment for us – to see the excitement. You can see the video here.

Kayla’s Children Centre is a school, therapy clinic, and recreational centre for children with disabilities, behavioural challenges, and complex medical needs. KCC supports hundreds of families with year-round programming and respite, and is open to anyone age 0-18. KCC helps children develop life-enhancing skills and build self-esteem, and is on a mission to give every child the childhood they deserve. 

A huge thank you to our donor, to all the communities that supported these clinics and to all the facilities that participated. Congratulations to KCC!

Trexo Plus Giveaway
Trexo Plus Giveaway Winner
Trexo Plus Giveaway