Trexo Open House Overview.

On October 3, 2022 we held another Open House. We hold these every other month. All guests must register and be approved for a time slot. When they attend the Open House, they get to try a Trexo. Parents can ask questions and take photos and videos. While many of the kids are nonverbal, we do see them  express their feelings. For those that haven’t walked before, it is a strange sensation for them. Marc, our Customer Success Manager does a great job of carefully getting them adjusted for maximum comfort.

At this Trexo Open House, we had a couple cancellations due to illness, but we were able to show 2 very excited guests what it’s like to use the Trexo.

When Cenett first saw the Trexo in person, she got very emotional at idea of being upright and walking. When Marc got her settled in, she was really emotional and was delighted to have her legs be moving in a way they never have before.

As she passed by the glass doors and saw the reflection of her legs moving she was expressed joy. Right behind her were her mother and sister, also thrilled to see her walking. Her mother started assessing Cenett’s legs after the walk and exclaimed how much looser and relaxed they were compared to her usual high tone! It was a great visit and trial for Cenett and her family.

Next Marc got Hafsa into the Trexo. He was careful when setting up her angles and assessed her expressions as he set the gait angles. She was curious as she felt her legs move and stretch. She was patient and she followed her parents as she took 200 steps in one session!

It was a great afternoon. We look forward to our next Open House in December. Stay tuned for the date!