Trexo News and Updates! Every month we will be sharing news and updates and some random thoughts!  🙂

We make robotic legs. Robotic legs that help children. That is pretty cool! Every time I am in the office I am reminded of just amazing it is. What amazes me most though, is the children and the families.

The other day, Romeesa and I were chatting with a mom and it was so moving to hear the stories she shared about her son’s progress. She got emotional as she shared some of the really special moments they have experienced. I really enjoy the time spent chatting with the parents. Big thank you and shout out to you all.

Big Trexo News! The team is excited about making a move soon. Our new office is bigger – with more room to make more Trexos! We will update our address on the site once we make the move.

We recently held a virtual information session to share information and answer some of the most common questions parents ask us. We had a wonderful group join us and they asked some great questions. The replay is available here.

Soon we will be announcing the dates for the rest of the Virtual Information Sessions. The first one covered who is a good fit for Trexo and the financial aspects of things. The second will cover what happens after you place your reservation, including information about the assesment and all the details leading up to you receiving your Trexo. The third session will be all about the support from our customer sucess team, from the training to on-going check-ins, goal setting and helping you with any issues that may come up. The fourth session will be a chance to chat with the co-founder and CEO and he will be sharing some of his thoughts on the future of Trexo. Our last session will be an open session for people to ask whatever questions they have.

In other Trexo news, our Canada-wide giveaway is going well. Love all the community support these clinics are getting. The contest ends at the end of June and we will be announcing the winner on July 5th, after the holiday weekend.

The Kourageous Karter Foundation, a non-profit foundation that rasises funds to support various missions, is having a Race for Robot Legs. The event will take place in Minnesota, anyone that is local can participate in person. Participants are also welcome virtually. Their goal is to raise funds to get a Trexo for a family in need. For more information about the foundation, you can visit their site. You can visit their Race for Robot Legs page as well. We are excited to announce that Trexo is a Sponsor of the event. The Foundation is doing great work, they offer families impacted by HIE (Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy) the information and resources they need. They also have defined missions, where they provide financial support. We are grateful that getting a Trexo for a family in need is one of their missions. If anyone in the Trexo community wants to participate in the Race for Robot Legs, we would be thrilled to participate as well. Team Trexo would do well, I think!

Another foundation doing wonderful work is Love for Lewiston. Their focus is on helping and supporting families impacted by SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). At their recent event, a birthday party in honor of their son Lewiston, was a huge success. Manmeet and Rahul attended the event and shared a photo (see below).

Stay tuned for more news and updates.

– Jenn

Trexo News - Love for Lewiston event