Trexo Features Update! Note: Parents receive this information via the Trexo Chat App. I wanted to also share it here so everyone is aware of the on-going enhancements to the Trexo Home. Our R&D department is constantly working on new Trexo features to enhance the benefits the children (and parents) receive. 

On July 5th, there was an update that allows you to see the initiation score split between each leg, it will also continue to show you the average for both legs as it did previously.

This update will also allow you to use the standing mode button and use your Trexo as a standing frame! This is big news for parents who want to minimize the amount of equipment they need to buy and store.

Are you a parent looking for a solution to help your child with mobility challenges?  We have some resources to help you. We are also available to discuss any questions you have.

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If you have any questions, please reach out to us any time

Your child’s disability should not define what they are capable of! The Trexo Home will get your kiddo upright and walking.

Some standard Trexo features:

  • Your child is not one-size fits all, neither is the Trexo
  • Custom gait for each user that can be changed over time.
  • Real data from the tablet that accompanies the Trexo Home.
  • You can celebrate the small and big wins!
  • Battery powered to use whenever, wherever.

“We have some children who normally do not like to try new therapies, new techniques or new devices but there was not one child who didn’t enjoy it.” – Jo-Anne Weltman Physical Therapist & Owner of Smile Therapy For Kids

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