Trexo Benefits: An Overview

What is Trexo and How Does it Help?

As adults, we are told not to sit at our desk all day. We are reminded to get up and stretch and walk. We are reminded that movement is good for our health.

Kiddos need that same movement. So what happens when, due to injury or disability, they aren’t able to move on their own?

This is the reason Trexo’s co-founder and CEO, recruited his friend to help build the Trexo, for his nephew – who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and told he would never walk.

To understand the importance of the Trexo, a robotic gait trainer, we need to understand the importance of walking for a child’s development and health.

Walking is a big milestone in a child’s development, both emotionally for parents and more importantly for kiddos. When a little one takes those first wobbly steps, the world changes for them – since they can explore and discover more of it. They also gain independence. They develop confidence along with physical and cognitive skills.

Walking is essential to their gross motor development, which involves using larger muscle groups to perform movements, such as walking. When kiddos learn to walk, they develop strength and coordination in their legs, trunk, and core.  

Consistentcy in walking strengthens bones and muscles. It also reduces the risk of  diabetes and various other chronic diseases. Walking is great for cardiovascular health. And to add to the list of benefits, walking also helps children develop spatial awareness.

Robotic Gait Trainers:  Technology That Improves Mobility

Kiddos with conditions, such as pediatric stroke, spinal cord injury, Spina Bifida, cerebral palsy, SMA, and others, often have difficulty walking or standing without assistance.

Robotic gait trainers are devices designed to assist patients (in our case kiddos) in walking or standing by providing weight-bearing support and promoting proper gait patterns.

Robotic gait trainers are a tool used by physical therapists  to enhance motor function.

The Trexo Home is the only at-home pediatric robotic gait trainer. It provides  opportunity for the children to get the repetitive movement required for neuroplasticity.

Improved Gait and Balance

Trexo robotic gait trainer can be programmed to adjust the level of support and resistance needed, based on the kiddos’s needs and on their progression over time. Kiddos can practice walking or standing (the Trexo Home acts as a standing frame also) for longer periods of time, which can improve their gait and balance.

Enhanced Muscle Strength and Endurance

Kiddos build muscle strength and endurance. Resistence can be changed to challenge kiddos as they progress.

Benefits Reported By Parents

The Trexo Home is run by a laptop, which captures data about the usage of the device. Parents are able to track the progress of their kiddo. Parents meet with our Customer Success Managers and go over goals, progress and the outcomes they are seeing as a result of consistent Trexo use. We also get insight and feedback from the hospitals and clinics that use the Trexo Plus for their patients. This feedback is not from an official study but it does represent years of feedback. Parents and facilities report:

Trexo not only improves mobility, but it also helps respiratory function, and as already mentioned, it improves bone health, core strength, and the somatosensory system.

Through upright positioning and the weight shifting that happens as kiddos walk, Trexo engages their core and promotes bone and muscle development. 

Using the Trexo can lead to increased confidence, more socialization, and a decrease in illness and hospital visits.

Parents share their joy from witnessing their child’s first steps or seeing them improve their endurance. The pride and emotion that comes with those moments are unparalleled.

However, what solidifies their excitementabout the Trexo Home is they improvement they see in their child’s health. It’s the knowledge that with each step, they are becoming stronger, healthier, and in many cases, decreasing or eliminating hospital stays.

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The information shared in this post are the experiences of the individuals and the families. Trexo does not guarantee any specific outcomes. They are not reflective of results from a formal research study.