As you know, we love to make friends here at Trexo and having our devices in multiple locations has been wonderful for that. One of our partner sites is St. Mary’s Hospital for Children in Bayside, Queens. This is the story of one of their kiddos and how the Trexo helped him take his first independent steps.

 Judah’s story is meant to share his experience only. The following is reflective of a research study that is currently in progress and reflects the experience of one individual.  


St. Mary’s Hospital for Children x Trexo

Since May, St. Mary’s has been using the Trexo as a part of a research study. They’re investigating the impact of the Trexo on several outcomes, including motor planning and quality of life, among others. Children participating in this research study use the Trexo up to 3 times/week over the course of 6 weeks. 

One of the kids who has been using the Trexo at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children is 4-year old Judah who made it into the news following his impressive progress!


Judah has a condition which impacts his balance, coordination and motor planning. For walking, this means, he knows what he needs to do but can’t coordinate his body to take the steps. He has been practicing some walking at home with the help of his parents and devoted therapists but wanted a way to do it independently. 


Original story “Robotic device is a game-changer for children with mobility issues” appeared on Fox5NY



Judah’s use of the Trexo



Judah joined the study at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children after his mom, Rachel, saw it on the Trexo Robotics Instagram and contacted us for more information. Next, they had to complete an assessment to ensure he met the study requirements and that he was a candidate for the medium sized Trexo that St. Mary’s is working with.

If you’re interested in participating in the St. Mary’s research study, let us know by contacting us and check out the Trexo sizing guide. 


During his time with the Trexo, Judah took many steps. On a good day, he could take over 1000 steps! Additionally the team at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children would ensure Judah had a good time and played games with him such as basketball and catch. Another game he enjoyed was hide and seek with the therapists who would hide behind corners and wait for Judah to find them.


Overall, Judah’s mom told us that he loved the Trexo and was always in a great mood while using it.


Progress after 6 weeks of Trexo


Since he started using the Trexo, Judah’s parents have noticed positive changes. While before using the Trexo, Judah was able to use a walker, he couldn’t go straight down the hallway in it. Following his training with the Trexo, his mom reported he was walking straighter and with better coordination. Additionally, they saw improvements in his endurance.


Over the past month he also started riding a bike with training wheels, all by himself. Judah was working on this skill with his physical and occupation therapists at school, and the Trexo helped give him an additional push. His mom is happy that with the Trexo, he gained some additional strength, skill and trunk control that helped him finally ride the bike.


According to Judah’s mother, prior to the Trexo, she would need to hold both of his hands and could help him walk 10 – 15 feet. Now, with the improvements he gained during the use of the device at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children, he is able to walk holding only one of her hands. He even took two steps completely on his own!


When asked Rachel to share her thoughts on Judah’s time with the Trexo at St. Mary’s, she said:


“I’m thrilled for Judah to have had this experience and super grateful to the team here at St Mary’s Hospital for Children for everything they’ve done. The Trexo is a fascinating piece of technology but seeing my son standing perfectly upright and hands-free is priceless. We hope that, god willing, these steps are the first of a lifetime of walking and running for Judah. He has had a dream team of therapists ever since he was a baby and this experience with Trexo has given him a fantastic push forward!”

Judah’s mom, Rachel



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