Trexo assessment questions (and answers)

The assessment is a very important part of our process, it’s how we ensure your kiddo will be safe in the Trexo and how we know what size and accessories are needed.  We get a lot of questions about the Trexo assessment. Today I am going to give you as many answers as I can.

The first question is “Can’t I just tell you my child’s age, and you can tell me what size I need?”

Children can be tall or short, for their age. So age alone is not enough. We need to know how much they weigh, how tall they are, and some specific measurements (for example, knee to the bottom of the foot). Seeing photos or videos also helps and we request them as part of the processs.

The assessment helps us determine the size needed, but it also helps us determine what accessories are needed and most importantly, if it’s safe for your kiddo. To get you accurate information, including cost, we need you to complete the assessment.

You must place a reservation, before we do the Trexo assessment. The reservation fee is refundable if your kiddo isn’t a good fit or if you change your mind. It really is the only way we can give you the information you want – which is usually “what is the total cost” and “will it help my kid

Another question people ask is How do I access the assessment?”

After you place your reservation, you will get an email confirming the reservation, mid-email, there will be a link to the assessment. About an hour later, there will be a second email with the link on top.

Email One
Email two

 “Do I have to make another payment when the assessment is submitted?”

No. You don’t pay again until it’s time to get the Trexo ready to ship. If you need time to fundraise, it’s always best to place your reservation and then let us know as we can work with you on the shipping date. This way you will be set up to receive the Trexo as soon as you are ready.

“Is the assessment hard?”

It is difficult to do on your own, however with another person, it is not hard. We provide instructions, including a video that shows you exactly what we need. Some people get their PT to help do the measurements for the assessment. If anyone is struggling, they can also contact us for support, we can walk you through it virtually.

“What if my child isn’t a good fit for the Trexo?”

Parents get their hopes up when they discover the Trexo and imagine their kiddo walking. We understand what a disappointment it would be to find out your child isn’t a good candidate for the Trexo. We always prioritize the health and safety of your child, so we will decline a child if we feel it’s not safe for them. This is very rare though. Marc, our Customer Success Manager, shared with me that in over two years, he’s only had to say no to 4 or 5 children.

Here are the most common reasons for declining a kiddo:

1. Weight is over 150 pounds. The weight impacts the motors and their functionality. If a child exceeds the defined weight, the motor could burn out. This is why we can’t sell to most adults right now. This device was made for kiddos 150 pounds or less.

2. Knee flexion contracture greater than 20 degrees. A knee flexion contracture is defined as the inability to fully straighten or extend the knee.

3. A seizure disorder that isn’t treated at all.

4. Spasticity strong enough to stop the device. Spasticity is an abnormal increase in muscle tone or stiffness.

In the event that your kiddo isn’t a good fit for the Trexo, Marc will contact you, let you know why and your reservation fee will be refunded.

“Do I have to be precise? What if my child doesn’t cooperate and it impacts results?”

Yes, it is important that we have accurate measurements. With two people doing it, it is much easier. You could put on some music, if it would help to relax and distract your kiddo. Plan to do your assessment when you have some time to work through it, so you aren’t rushed.

That wraps up the common questions we get about the Trexo assessment.  I think the most important messages I can convey are:

1. Don’t delay on your assessment. It’s really important for us to determine if your kiddo is a good fit and nail down the timeframe for delivery. If you need some time and wait until you are ready, there could be a long delay until you get the device, because we have a waiting list. If you do the assessment and communicate with us about timing, we can get you scheduled in for that timeframe. We can always update it if need be, but communicating with us ASAP is always best. 

2. Marc is working on another video right now, which will be a great addition to the videos he’s already done. We arm you with as much instruction as possible. If you are still struggling, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help.