oThis morning it came to our attention that two Instagram accounts impersonating Trexo Robots were created. These accounts are asking people to pay for a Trexo. We have reported the accounts. We are in the process of getting our account verified. We have also posted on social media so our community of followers is aware.

This is an unfortunate issues that happens to businesses and individuals. Here are some tips to help you stay safe:

  • Check the dates on the posts, if they created all their posts in a short window of time, it is likely not real
  • Check the email address on the profile. Is it the company’s official email handle from their website? Ours is hello @ trexorobotics.com
  • You can always message the company through communication methods listed on their website to verify if you have reasons to be concerned
  • Check out the handle/profile URL. Often you will see slight changes to the name like adding an underscore _ or some numbers or omitting a letter

Please note we will never ask you for payment via social media. If you request information or tell us you want to place a reservation, we will direct you to our site https://www.trexorobotics.com/

The digital safety of our community is important to us – we will keep you informed and we will proactively do whatever we can to have these accounts shut down.

Our official instagram account is @trexorobotics – the URL is https://www.instagram.com/trexorobotics/

If you find fake accounts contact you, and you want to report them, here is some info: