Today I am goign to start us off with a quick recap of how Trexo came to be.

Manmeet Maggu, CEO and Co-founder of Trexo Robotics and uncle of Praneit, began his search for assistive technology when Praneit was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and told he would never walk. Driven by his conviction that Praneit deserved the opportunity to walk, Manmeet recruited friend Rahul Udasi to help build the solution. It was then that they built the Trexo, the only at-home Robotic Gait Trainer for children.

Today, Trexo Robotics operates with the same determination and dedication to helping children walk. Our vision for the future is big – we want the Trexo to be easily available to all children, around the world.

So we truly appreciate the interest in Trexo internationally. We want to get the Trexo to you!

I just need to take a minute and explain the realities we are working within. The Trexo Home and Plus are medical devices, therefore they are regulated by governing bodies in each country. Our plans include expansion internationally, however the timing for our expansion is dependent on a variety of factors.  We aren’t able to announce timeframes for our expansion, at this point.

Currently we only have approval to ship within Canada and to the U.S.  Some countries allow the import of a medical device for personal use, without approvals. As of the writing of this point, those countries are: Australia, India, Baharain, Mexico, Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

We receive so many messages from people around the world, on social media. We are truly grateful for your awareness of the Trexo and interest in it. If you reside outside of Canada and the USA and want more information, please email [email protected] with your inquiry. If you have a friend or family member that lives in Canada or the U.S., they could ship the device to you. Alternatively, you could come visit us and buy the Trexo and take it home yourself.

We will update our social media and website to announce our international expansion, as it happens.

– Jenn

Trexo Home is currently available for pre-order in Canada and United States. If you would like to pre-order your device, you can reserve it here.