Every day we are moved by the progress the kiddos in the Trexo community are making. It’s so easy to stay inspired.

As the kiddos take their steps, we are making strides in building up resources for you.  Today we are excited to share a new resource.

Recently we connected with Tiffany, mom of Karter (follow them on Instagram @kourageouskarter) and learned of the Kourageous Karter Foundation. The foundation defines missions and then raises funds to support them. Their current mission is raising funds to purchase a Trexo for a family in need.

We are thankful for the work they are doing and grateful to anyone who supports their mission.

The Kourageous Karter Foundation also offers some resources that we also wanted to share with you. This page has a wealth of information https://kourageouskarter.org/resources. In addition to the resources, we hope you find inspiration in the stories Tiffany shares and the progress Karter has made.

You will find inclusive books and inclusive shops, Minnesota specific resources and organizations for parents of children with HIE. They also share a podcast for parents of children with medical complexities. These resources were curated by the foundation, they are not being compensated for sharing them. Likewise, we aren’t being compensated – we just want to share resources in hopes that people will find what they need.

I have learned very quickly that this community, made up of families of children with a range of neurological or neuromuscular conditions, are supportive, kind and helpful. Sharing resources and sharing their experiences is part of their life. Connecting to get the support they need and offer the support others need happens regularly.

We are grateful for all of you in our community and we welcome new friends. 

Learn more about Kourageous Karter Foundation

Learn more about our Trexo Home robotic legs

Connect with us on social media to see the progress of the kiddos and watch out for announcements, resources and more.

Please note that international families aren’t eligible to lease the Trexo Home and will need to raise funds for payment in full.