You know that feeling, the one where you feel like after investing focused time, you finally have something figured out?  You know it inside out and could teach a masterclass on it. It feels good, right?

That was me recently! After four months at Trexo, I really understand the Trexo – I get how it works, why it’s needed, who it helps, what the benefits are and even how to take care of it. OK robot legs – I got you figured out!

And then – BAM – I am looking at the website for a clinic that has six Trexos – and there it was: “Robotic legs allow children to walk hands-free in a safe, correct and consistent manner” (content from Goodshepherd Rehabillitation Network)

Hands-free! Huh. Hadn’t thought about that. I’ve seen pics of kids holding a dog leash, or playing with a ball, I recently saw a video of a kiddo holding a lacrosse stick, as he played with his family, in his Trexo. I’ve seen a kiddo hold his sister’s hand while walking in the Trexo. Kids hold their favorite toys and sometimes they “throw your hands in the air. And wave ‘em like you just don’t care”

But I never stopped to consider that hands-free is a benefit. A pretty important one too.

Hands-free walking means the kids won’t experience hand or wrist pain since their hands aren’t involved in operating the device. They have the abiltiy to use their hands in whatever way they can or want to. This enhances the freedom and independence for the kiddos. The other important thing to note about the Trexo being hands-free is that kiddos without use of their hands can still utilize and benefit from a Trexo.

OK robot legs, what else don’t I know about you? 😉

– Jenn

Interested in learning about how your kiddo can walk (hands-free!) in the Trexo? Learn more about Trexo Home.

hands-free walking