Today we have some exciting news from one of the facilities that offers the Trexo Plus for their patients.

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, located in eastern Pennsylvania, offers inpatient and outpatient pediatric therapy programs for children impacted by injury, condition or illness.

One of the state-of-the-art technologies they offer is our Trexo Plus. Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network is an early adopter of our device and has six total devices. Good Shepherd is the only health-care provider on the East Coast to provide all three sizes of the Trexo in an outpatient setting, and the only inpatient rehabilitation unit in the country to feature all three sizes.

Recently, the kiddos at Good Shepherd reached 1 million steps! We are so proud of the kids for their determination and persistence, and we are grateful to the team at Good Shepherd for the wonderful and important work they do.

Good Shepherd held their annual gala not long ago. We weren’t able to attend, unfortunately. It sounded like a lot of fun – a drive-in style event where guests were dressed up and from what I hear, were instructed to wear interesting footwear. I am going to need the story on that and some photos! 😉 The guests enjoyed the entertainment from their cars. Such a creative and fun way to have an event and still take social distancing into account.

A big surprise that wasn’t revealed in advance, was the attendance of a special guest. One of their patients came and took 10 very important steps in a Trexo Plus. Those 10 steps helped them reach their 1 million step mark.

The original Trexo was built to help one single child. The nephew of our co-founder. From there Trexo Robotics grew, with a focus on helping as many children as we can. With the launch of the Trexo Plus, our device for clinics and hospitals to use, we expanded our reach and helped more children – which was only possible with the help of hardworking, caring people that wanted to invest in the best technology possible to help their patients get the best possible outcomes from their rehab.

For those that are in the eastern part of Pennsylvania, you will find Good Shepherd Pediatrics facilities with the Trexo devices.

Take a look at the video from their gala and watch them reach 1 million steps: