Fundraising tips for anyone looking to raise funds to buy a Trexo.

Keeping it real – fundraising can be a lot of work. It’s so worth it though. The moment you make your reservation for a Trexo Home, the feeling of relief and excitement will set in. 

To make the process easier for you, we’ve pulled together some tips and advice.

Know Your Audience! Who will you ask? Can you ask them to share it with their network of friends, family and colleagues? Do you belong to clubs or associations that you can share your fundraising message with? Once you’ve compiled a list of everyone you can ask to support your goal, you’ll want to determine the best way to communicate with the audience.  Is email or text, or through the postal service the way to go? In some cases, it’s a flier or an in-person ask. Who will want to give you cash and who will want to donate online? The more you can tailor your ask to what’s comfortable for your audience, the more donations you will get.

Use a Variety of Strategies. Consider fliers in locations where it’s appropriate. Create a listing in local and community publications. Share on social media (heavily, this will be a great resource for most people). Drop fliers at neighbours houses. Invite a group over for tea and share your pitch with them. Email people. Send text messages. Consider a small event, like a street party or backyard party. Brainstorm with friends or family and see what ideas they come up with.

Ask For Help! Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family or help with ideas of phone calls or events and definitely ask them for donations. Your ask is not selfish – it’s for the best cause possible – the health and happiness of your child.

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Make It Easy! If it’s difficult to donate, people won’t follow through as often.

Make It Personal! Be sure people understand what this means to you and your child and your whole family. If you are approaching people that don’t know your child, share information so they understand why your child needs the support. When you appeal to people’s emotions, they are more likely to donate. Use positive language and talk about the positive outcomes, don’t focus too much on negatives. People will shy away from sad, negative stories. But paint a picture of hope, and they want to be part of that. Don’t try to make potential donors feel guilty.

Be Specific and Direct. Don’t make people guess how much they should give or how they should do it. Donating can be uncomfortable for people if they don’t have an idea of what is appropriate. Having a platform that has tiered options is smart. If they aren’t donating online, let people know that most people are donating $x but any amount really does help.

Important Fundraising Tip! Recognize Donors. Find a way to recognize your donors and thank them. Just be sure they are ok with public recognition. Some donors like to stay anonymous. Promise them a photo of your child in the Trexo when it arrives.

Help People Understand. Demonstrate the benefits of the Trexo so people understand why your child needs one. You can point them to our social media to see the device in action and learn about the successes of the kiddos using a Trexo.

Create a Sense of Urgency. People are busy and need a reason to take action. You want to let them know the sooner you raise the funds, the sooner you can make your reservation. There is a waitlist for a Trexo Home, so the sooner you get on the list, the better for your child. Trying doing little timed sprints in your fundraising so you can tell people you are wrapping up that campaign on x date.

Use Personal Images. A picture is worth a thousand words. Stock photos won’t do though! Sharing personal photos is the best thing you can do. Be careful in terms of any and all safety guidelines when publishing personal information and photos publicly. Imagery helps people relate more to your story and the ask, making them more likely to donate.

Follow Up! People get busy and even with the best intentions can forget to make their donation. Don’t be afraid to follow up.

Celebrate and Raise Money! Turn your birthday or your child’s into a fundraising party.

Match Donations! Do you know any corporations that will match the donations you rai

Crowdfunding Fundraising Tips:

If you are starting out with a crowdfunding campaign, be sure to follow these tips:

  1. Write a headline that is compelling and makes it clear what you are raising funds for
  2. Write a clear detailed description of what you are doing with the money and include details about how the Trexo will benefit your child
  3. Give them multiple donation options
  4. Make the story easy to skim
  5. Provide progress updates

There are tons more ideas – share yours in the comments or on social media. We always welcome fundraising tips to help our audience! Stay tuned for future posts with ideas for fundraising events for those interested. We’ll also talk about platforms and foundations.

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*Please note that international families aren’t eligible to lease the Trexo Home and will need to raise funds for payment in full.