Ayla Fisher is a sweet, two-year-old. She’s a big sister. She is also a pediatric stroke survivor. She was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy as a result.

Ayla’s parents, Jenna and Dave grappled with the shock and feelings of helplessness, that come with a sudden and traumatic situation like this. The unknowns were difficult. Would Ayla ever walk or talk? If she did, it wouldn’t be easy. She was facing some big challenges.

Wanting a healthy happy life for Ayla, her parents and grandparents, John and Nancy Corcoran, got to work on raising funds to help with the high costs of treatment and equipment that Ayla would need.

They also explored all options that would help Ayla. Recently, she had a stem cell transplant, thanks to her baby sister. Ayla demonstrates great strength and resilience as she works through her various therapies.

She also just got her Trexo! This will allow her to walk and experience the joys and health benefits that come with being able to move.

Ayla was the inspiration for I’m Who I’m Meant To Be, a wonderful children’s book with an important message. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Camp Moonlight Giving Fund to help provide financial assistance to families of children with disabilities.

Camp Moonlight is at the incredible Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat, created by Ayla’s grandparents. (side note, you have to read Ayla’s grandparents, John and Nancy’s story it’s such a great story and I can’t do it justice paraphrasing it here)

The first Camp Moonlight event will take place August 13 – 15,  2023. The Camp will host children with disabilities and their families in luxury safari tents free of charge. Their goal is to create a place for families to connect, create new friendships and make camp memories.

Nancy and John are working on making Whispering Springs as accessible as possible.

In addition to their amazing Camp Moonlight, they are also fundraising, not just to cover Ayla’s expenses but to help other medically complex kiddos.

Ayla’s story was featured in this news segment:

We are so happy to welcome Ayla and her family into the Trexo community. 

We love sharing the stories of kiddos in our community, and of families working hard to raise funds for their own kids and other kiddos who need it. Let us know if you have a story to share.

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