Ableism is pervasive in society today. In most cases, it’s stems from a lack of information and understanding of people with disabilities. Ableism is also built into the infrastructure of our communities, organizations and at the governmental level. It is systemic. Ablism is built on a foundational belief that being disabled makes a person less – they are not complete or “normal”. Typically ableist thinking and comments aren’t from a place of malice and often people don’t understand the impact their words have.

The only way we are going to break down ableist beliefs in society, is to have conversations, educate ourselves and others and to speak up with you hear ableist comments.

Romeesa from our Trexo team and Tiffany Goodchild from the Kourageous Karter Foundation had a conversation about ableism – you can watch the video here.

Tiffany mentioned after the fact that she should have talked about the importance of talking to adults with disabilities and that is something she is working on herself.

Learning from the people that have experienced ableist attitudes and understanding their reality is a great way to shift your perspectives and eliminate any ableist thoughts and communications.

Check out the video and comment below or join us on social media to share your comments, questions and thoughts on the topic. Having these conversations publicly is important.

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