We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with the NAPA
Center starting August 2019.

About the NAPA center

The first time we visited the NAPA Center in Los Angeles, we knew we found a home for the Trexo Plus. Since being founded in 2008 by Lynette LaScala, whose son lives with cerebral palsy, the NAPA Center has become the home to a community of families and a leader in intensive therapy.

In speaking with Lynette, we learned of her vision to create
a therapy center that catered to concerned parents and pushed kids to be their
best. Their intensive model involves physical, occupational and speech
therapists, who all work together as a team towards pre-set goals. True to its
name, the intensives are really intense and run 5 days a week over 3 weeks!

In actuality though, they should be called effectives
because they are really effective at getting kids to make significant progress
within a relatively short amount of time. It is not surprising that parents
travel to NAPA from across the globe and continue coming back. In fact, there’s
so much demand that NAPA has already opened locations in Boston, Austin and
Sydney, Australia.

Shared vision

As many of you know from Trexo’s story, we started building this device with the idea that walking can be really beneficial when done in a highly repetitive manner. Consistency is key to making progress, but we saw that it was a challenge for many families. While the Trexo Home offers a solution to making it readily accessible on a day to day basis, we understood it is not a solution that will work for everyone.

Working with the NAPA Center will be an excellent way to
allow kids access to the Trexo for walking during intensives. Families are able
to add 30-minute Trexo sessions to their intensives so that their kiddo can work
on gait training during their time at NAPA. Additionally, the Trexo will be
available on a weekly basis by appointment as well.

What excites us most about working with NAPA, is the fact that
we share a vision of what treatment for neuro-muscular conditions can look
like. Together we will show kids how much they’re capable of, in a way that
keeps them motivated and excited.

Set-up for success

We have seen benefits from intensive use of the Trexo already, as told in the stories of Iris and Judah. In both of these cases, the users were spending consistent time walking in the Trexo. Judah’s mother shared with us that on good days, Judah could take easily over 1000 steps. Similarly, Iris walking at her comfortable speed of 35 steps/min, would take over 1000 steps in about 30 minutes. In these instances, the Trexo was being used 3-4 times/week.

Parents of kids who have been using the Trexo have reported improvements in trunk control and posture, gait patterning, endurance, and overall quality of life. Additionally, many kiddos incorporate play into their time with the Trexo, which makes this form of exercise more enjoyable. Combined with the work being done during intensives, we can only imagine how much improvement we will be seeing!

Jo-Anne Weltman of Smile Therapy has previously shared her thoughts on the Trexo here.

NAPA is scheduling appointments for the small and medium Trexo Plus starting August 19, 2019 (check the height requirements here). If you would like to inquire about setting up a time for your child to use the Trexo, please email NAPA at [email protected] or visit https://www.napacenter.org/our-programs/trexo-robotics/

Do you have questions if the Trexo is right for your child? Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you to make you have all the information that you need!

Trexo is currently available for pre-order to use in the comfort of your home. Learn more here.