Trexo Downtime Policy

Trexo Home Lease

The Trexo Robotic team is committed to ensuring our clients have reliable access to their Trexo devices. This policy aims to explain those circumstances during which downtime may occur, anticipated durations of downtime events, and procedures to rectify errors. 

Our goal is to reduce any mechanical or software issues that may prevent your child from actively using the Trexo device. We aim to proactively solve all issues that are brought to our attention to minimise the inconvenience caused to you and your kiddo. 

We understand that there are still times where issues with the Trexo may cause your child to not be able to use the device. This is how we will rectify that. 

  1. Trexo Robotics will make our best efforts to resolve any technical or mechanical issues within 5 business days. If your Trexo device is non-functional for more than 1 week due to manufacturer error, Trexo Robotics will credit you for that time. 

2. For customers who are under a lease agreement, Trexo Robotics will issues credits to your lease for the amount of days that the device is non-functional and automatically extend the end date of the lease agreement. This also means that the warranty of the Trexo Home device will be extended.

3. For customers who have purchased the Trexo, Trexo Robotics will extend the warranty of your purchasing agreement for the amount of the days that the device is non-functional.

4. The device must be determined and assessed as non-functional due to manufacturer error. Devices rendered non-functional due to user error will not be eligible for downtime credits.

5. Downtime credits will be issued to the customer under the discretion of the Trexo Robotics team and all issues will be assessed on a case by case basis. Downtime credits will be applied once the issue is fully resolved.

6. This policy will come to effect at the moment the user reports the issue to the Customer Success team and a non-functional status due to manufacturer error has been determined.

7. We expect our customers to cooperate with our team members in a timely manner (48 hours) with shipping/receiving replacement parts, attending repair calls, and following documentation, guidance and best practices suggested by our team. 


* Trexo Robotics reserves the right to amend this Policy without Participant’s consent to the extent necessary or desirable to comply with the Company’s internal policies and processes.

** Technical issues covered by this policy include those that will require us to overhaul the device. We will send a shipping case and a shipping label for you to place the Trexo and send it to us. 

*** In order to have the Trexo operating as soon as possible, please make sure to follow the time frame and steps shared with you as well as any instructions or recommendations from our Customer Success team. Not following the time frame, steps, instructions, and/or recommendations, or being unable to receive the repaired device or any parts sent to you at the address provided, will void this policy. Once the device or part has been received, you may require a check in with our Customer Success.

**** This policy does not apply to Trexo Treadmills, Rifton Dynamic Pacer Gait trainers, Rifton accessories, or other Trexo product lines.  Downtime credits will not apply to issues relating to the above products.  Please refer to the policies and warranty documentation relating to these items. 

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