Trexo Case Return Policy

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The Trexo Robotics team is committed to ensuring our clients receive their repaired Trexo devices safely and securely. In addition, our team aims to reduce our carbon footprint where possible. This means that we reuse our Trexo cases to deliver newly repaired Trexo devices to our customers all across the world. 

This policy will outline our policies for the return of our Trexo cases. 

1. Trexo Robotics will ship all devices to be repaired to and from customers to Trexo using our Trexo cases to ensure all devices are protected. 

2. Upon delivery of the repaired Trexo, Trexo Robotics will arrange for the return of the Trexo case via UPS. 

3. Trexo Robotics will cover all shipping costs relating to the return of the Trexo cases. 

4. Trexo Robotics will provide all customers with a customs invoice to ensure the Trexo case does not get stuck at the border. This proves to the border that Trexo has paid the duty fees.

5. We expect our customers to cooperate with our team members in a timely manner (48 hours) to facilitate the return of the Trexo case. 

6. In the event that a customer fails to return the Trexo case in a timely manner (when the courier company is scheduled to pick up the case), we reserve the right to invoice the customer for the retail price of the Trexo case ($650 USD). 


* Trexo Robotics reserves the right to amend this Policy without Participant’s consent to the extent necessary or desirable to comply with the Company’s internal policies and processes.

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