We’re giving a FREE Trexo Plus to two hospitals!


Nominate your favorite hospital or clinic who could use a Trexo. The two facilities who receive the most nominations could receive a free Trexo Plus for an entire year!

The more nominations the hospital gets, the greater the chances of winning are, so make sure you share this with others!

Trexo Plus Giveaway Rules

Official Rules

Trexo Plus Giveaway is subject to all United States and Canada laws, and to giveaway official rules. By entering the Trexo Plus giveaway, you agree to abide by the terms of the contest official rules and by the decisions of Trexo Robotics, which are final on all matters pertaining to the contest. Trexo Robotics reserves the right to change the official rules at any time, in its sole discretion.

Trexo Robotics will select two (2) recipients to each receive a free Trexo Plus one-year lease. Winners will be selected based on the number of nominations they have received before the giveaway closes at 11:59 EST on November 6th, 2021.


To be eligible to enter the giveaway, you agree to:

  • Follow all terms & conditions of this giveaway;
  • The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Trexo Robotics website;
  • Confirming that you are of legal age in your respective jurisdiction;
  • Share accurate information and provide a valid email to enter;
  • Share valid contact information of the nominee.

To be eligible to receive the Trexo Plus, the winning facility must:

  • Not currently possess or about to get a Trexo Plus;
  • Have received a minimum of one hundred (100) nominations;
  • Be a provider of pediatric physical therapy;
  • Be located in Canada or the United States of America;
  • Agree to receive training from Trexo Robotics for a maximum of six (6) physical therapists who will be running sessions with the Trexo Plus;
  • Abide by safety rules and usage guidelines provided by Trexo Robotics;
  • Agree to the minimum usage requirements set forth by Trexo Robotics.


The giveaway will start on September 6th, 2021 and all entries are final as of November 6th, 2021 at 11:59PM EST.

The Trexo Plus Giveaway is open to all valid entrants. Each person is entitled to one entry in the giveaway. To enter the giveaway, an individual must complete the entry form with a valid email address before 11:59PM EST November 6th, 2021.

Potential winners must respond within 7 days to an email confirming their nomination and eligibility. After 7 days, if there is no response, a new winner will be chosen from the remaining entries, and the above rules will begin again.


The prize is awarded as a free one-year lease of the Trexo Plus to the facility or organization.

Trexo Plus deliveries and installation are subject to current waiting list times. Trexo Robotics will provide the winners with information regarding delivery timelines and next steps.

All applicable taxes associated with the receipt or uses of the Trexo Plus are the sole responsibility of the winner.


The winning facility will be notified by email after the official final results are gathered at the conclusion of the giveaway. The winner must return, via email, contact information for Trexo Robotics to deliver the Trexo Plus and arrange the training.

Trexo Robotics will attempt to contact the winner in order to fulfill the prize at least three (3) times or for a period of seven (7) days. If the winner is unable to be reached, this may result in disqualification. Prize notifications returned as undeliverable may result in disqualification.

By accepting the prize in the form of the Trexo Plus one-year lease, the winners grant permission to Trexo Robotics to use their names and/or likenesses for publicity and promotional purposes without further compensation, unless prohibited by law.


Trexo Robotics is not responsible for any late, lost, garbled, misdirected, incomplete, or damaged entries; any contest disruptions, injuries, losses or damages caused by events beyond the control of Trexo Robotics or any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the giveaway. Trexo Robotics is not in any way responsible or liable for any damage, loss or injury (including death) resulting from participation in the contest and/or acceptance and use of any prize won. Trexo Robotics is solely responsible for enacting, administering, enforcing the rules, and maintaining the integrity of the giveaway. Trexo Robotics and Trexo Plus Giveaway are not sponsored or endorsed by the government or any government agency.

Therapists think the Trexo is great

The first wearable robotic platform designed to help children
with disabilities experience walking.

Not only is the Trexo a great tool for allowing the parents to give their kids really
good activity in terms of patterning and alignment, really consistent stepping pattern, but they can do that without putting a really big strain on their body.

It’s a great tool that parents can use at home to keep the kids moving, to get them upright everyday.